The contemporary society has brought us from the land to the city, from sensorial experiences into the world of facts. The implicit pull towards nature is present, but our relation can stay rather careful and superficial, mainly focused on the visual sense of the beautiful landscape.

Throughout the human evolution we have slowly separated ourselves from nature, and instead of co-existing, we are now dominating and exploiting it. When sensorial knowledge and stories of natural environments are disappearing from our society, how can we re-interpret our connection with nature today?

Forest Archive is an online archive experience, a digital environment for sharing personal connections and stories about the forest. Each forest on the map is represented by a local forest ambassador, who is guiding an audio-visual walk throughout which we discuss the meaning and importance of nature in their lives. Walks are collected in a number of forests around the world.

Navigate around the map and click on forests’ names to learn about their situation through various parameters and go on audio-visual walks with someone who has a special relation to the place, to hear more about the story behind the woods. Alternatively, you can engage on the EXPLORE MODE to be taken into a random forest marked on the map.